Rev. Dr. Kingsley Joseph

We are the followers of Christ and He said,

Isaiah 61: 1-2
The Spirit of the Sovereign LORD is upon me, for the LORD has anointed me to bring good news to the poor. He has sent me to comfort the broken hearted and to proclaim that captives will be released and prisoners will be freed.

God began to work in the life of Dr. Kingsley Joseph in 1985 when he was an undergraduate in the Faculty of Medicine at university of Jaffna, Sri Lanka, while the island was entering into one of the brutal civil wars the world history has ever witnessed.

Dr. Kingsley enthusiastically engaged in his internship at the teaching hospital Jaffna, dedicating himself to assist and to provide medical attention to the war victims – where the Lord enabled him to have compassion and a gentle heart for such affected ones to convey the message of hope and love of Christ.

Since the hand of Lord was upon His servant, Kingsley was compelled to pray and minister the Word of God to whoever came across in his way which resulted in experiencing miracles and seeing people receiving healing, deliverance and touch from the Lord. This inspired Kingsley to both know and acknowledge the Call of God in his life. But the Calling of God was a challenge to him as it was coming at a time of great uncertainty where the Nation was dragged into a full scale ethnic conflict.

However, Kingsley never wanted to give up his passion to serve the Lord, share Christ with broken hearted and such persistence led him into a fellowship with Hospital Christian Fellowship and Assemblies of God churches in Sri Lanka and Australia. These connections boosted up his commitment to serve the Lord and effectively involve in Christian witness and encourage the fellow servants in the Lord.

In the year 1999, Kingsley and his beloved wife Carmaline – with their three months old first baby Rochelle had to migrate to Australia upon the guidance of the Lord for their future venture and plan. However an intensive time of hardship waiting for them to make them broken before the Lord had to take them into the next level in Christian spiritual life. Enormous adversity embraced them when they arrived in Australia making them vulnerable and bringing them down into an utter disappointment.

But the Lord enabled them to rise up in the midst of darkness and despair to see His plan for their life. Kingsley had come into a fellowship with Assembly of God church of Australia. He holds a Bachelor of Theology and Dip of Ministry from Good Shepherd Ministries International, USA. He was leading a cell group on winning souls for Jesus Christ. Subsequently, he became a pillar of this church; leading many people to Christ. The Lord Jesus anointed and empowered him with all nine spiritual gifts of the Holy Spirit and thus fulfilled His promise.

A new purpose overshadowed their hearts and they began to witness Christ in Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne and Perth, spreading the Gospel, bringing revival in the churches- meantime Kingsley started practicing as a Medical Doctor. He specialized in medicine in Australia, while witnessing Christ and praying for sick who desperately needed healing- many sick people including those with incurable cancer were healed by the power of Jesus Christ. As the time passed by Kingsley and his family started to involve in inter-states and International ministries, serving the Lord in outreach, evangelism and revival ministries.

God blessed them by giving many open doors to minister the Word of God and continued to deliver many from the bondage of satanic influences, assuring them true Christian freedom and hope.

As Kingsley remained faithful to serve the Lord, in the recent past, the Spirit of God prompted him to go deeper and higher in the Lord’s work to start the present ministry i.e., The Holy Spirit Gospel International Ministries. This special guidance of the Lord prompted and confirmed by the Word of God, vision and faithful men and leaders in the worldwide international ministries. Leaders of credible Indian ministries ordained Kingsley to be a pastor and also prophesized that he has a call for an apostle in ministry.

It’s joyful to see that the Lord has called Kingsley and his family into this new area of His vineyard. They are committed to focus on a holistic ministry such as shepherding, church planting, revival, evangelism, Christian witness & mission and healing & deliverance. The One who has called His servants is faithful and He shall bless them to bless many.  Carmaline has been a great supporter of Kingsley’s ministry. She is a wonderful’ mother to Rochelle, Ryan and also a dear sister in Christ for many. Rochelle and Ryan have begun to serve the Lord in their small age.

Since 1985, the Lord has been using Kingsley in a tremendous way, especially in operating the Spiritual Gifts on miracles, healing, and deliverance and to empower the wider body of Christ. His goal is to save 1 million people for Christ around the world.Isaiah 61: 1-2